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OSOM Pilot/Escorts
VMS Vehicles
Rear Steerers
24/7 Express Couriers

S.P.E. is an family owed and run company suppling Pilots and Couriers Australia wide since 2001.

We specialise in the transportation of all OSOM Oversize and Overmass loads by road. With experience in Rear Steering, Piloting, Route Surveys and Logistics.

Projects include, Wind Farms, Mining, Bridges, Machinery and general oversize.

For a free quote or any information you need to complete your move. Please call Shane 24/7.

12020 11 28

South Coast Pilot Escorts

Pilot Escorts for OSOM 24/7

Our pilot vehicles assist with the safe movement of an oversize vehicle or combination on the road. Our vehicles provide visual advice of an oncoming heavy vehicle to other road users.

Rear Steersman for OSOM

Our steersmen are engaged to operate a rear-end steering device and have the understanding and confidence to be able to pilot the most difficult loads.

Australia Wide Service 24/7

Supplying Pilot/Escorts, Rear Steerers & VMS Boards for all road transport of OSOM loads within Australia 24/7.

South Coast Parcel Express

Express Couriers 24/7

We collect, manage and transport parcels through the fastest courier route.

Storage Facilities

Our facilities make storing easy. We provide tailored storage solutions to best suit your needs.

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